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Goose meat is sumptuous, rich, with a slight hint of gaminess  - just enough to appeal to the connoisseur.   It is one of the fattiest types of poultry however work shows that today's goose has a lower fat content than lamb and beef – and that the fat contains a relatively low proportion of undesirable saturated fats and a higher proportion of the more desirable mono-unsaturated and essential fatty acids  ‘Higher total fat content than chicken or turkey, but less than beef or lamb' Getting the ideal fat content of the meat is of upmost importance to us. "We know that some fat in meat is desirable to allow us to appreciate its flavour as well as helping to maintain its succulence."



  Our Products    

Whole goose (oven ready)

Half goose (oven ready)

Goose eggs – eating/decorating (seasonal)

Goose eggs – fertile hatching eggs

Pet geese

Goose Fat

Goose compost – high nutrient value, great for the garden!